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  1. Develop layers for your characters and plot

  2. Remove passive writing

  3. Strengthen character arcs

  4. Add tension and emotion 

  5. Captivate your audience

  6. Correct POV issues

  7. Plus Much More . . .

Personal one on one time to discuss edits or workshop problem areas.

**Amount of time determined by word count 




Personal Touch

Critique is a writer’s nemesis, It can make or break you. Often it’s both.


As an author myself, I understand the frustration of receiving comments like “I didn’t connect with the story/protagonist. Your pace is off. Your characters are blue. Your writing is purple. Your voice is weak.” 


What makes my services special? I speak your language. Instead of generic unhelpful critique, I highlight the WHAT-is wrong, WHY-it’s wrong, and the HOW-to fix it while maintaining the integrity of your voice.


So-get out of your bathrobe and off the couch. You don’t suck as a writer! You just need help shaping your world into the kick-ass masterpiece it is.


About Me

What makes me different? My personality quirks.  A short attention span helps me identify stagnate chapters, unnecessary story threads and blue characters. Being visually adept allows me to picture your story as it unfolds, highlighting problem blocking areas, POV and continuity issues. And arguably the most valuable quirk is my natural ability to comprehend emotional/human struggles. This trait enables me to pinpoint where your manuscript needs layers. Where tension meets realistic conflict, creating a perfect storm for commercial writing.


Patricia showed me the shape of my story and the gaping holes that even beta readers couldn't articulate for me. She showed me what to keep, what to expand and what to kill. The results were head and shoulders above anything I ever could have accomplished on my own.
Elaine Reed

I write character driven science fiction and fantasy in complex worlds. My goal is to give readers a roller coaster of a ride of a story. I take them in directions they don't expect, then end in a way that makes them eager to hop back on the ride and go again. To ensure I meet that goal, I rely upon my own skill, honed from years of study and writing. I depend on trusted beta readers, a critique group, a line editor, and above all, a story shaper. A specialized editor who knows story structure, a knack for seeing where one has strayed, and the know-how to put it back on the right track. Patricia S Cook helps me polish my manuscripts. She provides direction and counsel in every aspect of the story, from the opening lines to the final scene. It's my story. But with her guidance, it's my story with the throttle wide open and readers slammed back in their seats, loving every minute of the ride.


Kayelle Allen

Author of the Bringer of Chaos series ~
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